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"It is easy to believe that the deserts and beaches of this earth have infinite amounts of sand and we are flabbergasted when scientists speak of a dramatic global sand shortage.

But all these resources, which seem infinitely large to us, have consumable  limits. Since the 1970s we have been struggling with the notion that growth has limits and we are gradually recognizing that the basic pattern of nature is determined by sustainability. We too have to align our actions accordingly, unless we want to risk to have to live with the dire consequences..

The relationship with my counterpart is often subject to the carelessness of having endless amounts of time to take the next step. 
Relationships are never a static matter and never arise on their own terms. They are always connected to something active and, at best, are expressed through a constant give and take. The idea of ​​sustainability in relationships is perhaps not new. If I let the moment pass in a relationship without realizing its potential or, in a kind of stretching of time, consider the given moment to be infinite, then I risk losing the infinite in doing nothing."

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