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Betje Sophie Boektje-20-12-2022-Meinolf_Otto.jpg

Homage to Betje Sophie Boektje


59 x 45 cm (h x w)

acrylic on paper

Betje Sophie Boektje was born in 1927 in Kampen in the Netherlands and was murdered in Auschwitz on the 3rd of December 1942, with only 15 years of age.

In 1942 Betje Sophie had been enrolled in the 3rd class of the Jewish Lyceum in Zwolle.

Her father, Salomon Boektje, had a shop in Kampen selling lamps, household items and  sports equipment. Salomon was the chairman of the Dutch Israeli communities in Kampen.

I made this portrait as part of a series “Resonance - Never Forget”. Each of these portraits is for me a contemplation of sorts on the life of the person I am portraying. My choice of a colour palette is meant as a celebration of who she was and what she could have still become.

Beyond the unfathomable terror and fear of the Nazi regime, what was Betje's dream (as a 15 year-old)? What were her plans for the future (that was taken away from her)? How many things could Betje have accomplished with her life if she had had the chance?

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