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For me, as a German, resonance also means resonating with history. Being native to the place where unimaginable atrocities were commited only a few generations ago, I feel it my duty never to forget and to be touched by that inheritance, even when it is uncomfortable. I'm looking for a way in my art to relate to those who have been affected.
I know that the lives of the victims of violence I portray were brutally taken and that they were irretrievably torn from life and the dynamics of resonance, from their relationship in the world. In addition, the unfulfilled potential of these people is also a loss of resonance and relationship for all of us. 

In my choice of colours I hope not to come across as irreverent or euphemistic, I am interested in life with its colourful range of possibilities. With each of the persons that I portray I “live” in my studio for weeks. I don't know much more about them besides that they were murdered in Auschwitz and yet I imagine what would have become of them if this nightmare hadn't brought them there. For me a way not to forget and to give them space in my life.


Even if I only frame close-ups in my portraits and face compositions, I am always concerned with what lies behind them: the person and their relationship to the world.


I am fascinated by human relationships. We seek closeness and find ourselves distant. We want to establish a relationship but there is no response. The reciprocity of a world ethos is missing.

In my face compositions, I am interested in the fragility of relationships and the lack of resonance. My search for resonance and a relationship with the world also occurs in my art in a double sense, as a motivation and as a motif.


The compositions that I title ‘world relationship resonances’ also deal with relationship fragility and the lack of resonance. In part, I am interested in political constellations, crises and power relations, as well as the functions that I and others assume in these “stories”.
My search for resonance and a relationship with the world cuts across my art in a threefold sense, as motivation, as motif and medium in the interaction with my audience. I want to call these the ultimate drivers for my working as an artist.


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