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100 x 100 x 2cm (h x w x d)

acrylic on canvas

In this painting "3Grazie" I pick up on my relationship theme. As in some of my previous works I am interested in the dichotomy of closeness and distance: the faces, are close and the triangle formed by their lips seems to call for a kiss that could but does not happen. This trinity is seemingly intimately united and yet each one of the goddesses is focusing elsewhere, not on each other, almost completely aloof from each other, each in their own universe and light years apart. This contradiction of physical closeness and disconnect is part of the human experience, an uncomfortable state. While we long for the kiss, it is our hearts that have to synchronize their rhythm. Only then do we overcome the distance between us and we see eye to eye.




54 x 37 cm (h x w)

acrylic on paper

My homage to Elisabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift. I remember the crush I had on her when I first saw Elisabeth Taylor on TV in the movie ‘A Place in the Sun’. I wasn’t a teenager yet and in the movie, she was only 17 herself. I read about the friendship between Taylor and Clift and it interested me that they became lifelong soulmates. Taylor was intrigued by Clift’s disinterest in her attractiveness, probably not a reaction she had experienced. The story is told that she would rehearse with him while she was in the bath and he sat on the edge of the tub. For her, it was unusual that someone would be interested in her primarily as a person. The fact that sexual attraction was not driving their relationship probably helped them discover each other as soulmates. Once Clift came out to her about being gay she tried to fix him up with other gay men. This soulmateship, might have been part of what made Taylor later work for the rights of the LGBT community. I can seek to engage with someone for many reasons, from sexual attraction or to gain influence, to make a sale, in hopes of a favour, or other ambitions. I believe that becoming soulmates is not high on the priority list of people. Why? It is risky. After all, without the proper balance of mutuality, it can end in unease. However, if it works it is a source of strength that propels me and my vis-à-vis to new horizons, to tackle challenges that seem beyond our individual reach. I see this soulmateship as not necessarily tied to a romantic context. The word soul has layers of meaning that I would say are distracting from what a soulmate's relationship is. I would tend to translate "soul" with "inner core" or "my true self". It probably is its inherent vulnerability that keeps us from risking to engage with each other at this level. Any time we hope for mutuality it might end up that we give and get nothing back. From my experience, it is worth taking the risk!




100 x 240 x 2 cm (h x w x d)

acrylic on canvas

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