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Marcel Bulka-20-01-2023-Meinolf-Otto-ig.jpg

Homage to Marcel Bulka


60 x 45 cm (h x w)

acrylic on paper

Marcel Bulka, also known as Majer, was born on September 29th, 1930 in Kalisz, Poland. Along with his brother Albert, he lived in a summer camp in Izieu, France, with 43 other children from various countries. The camp was run by a Jewish association and was used to hide children from the Nazis. However, the camp was reported to the Gestapo and all of the children were arrested, taken to a camp in Darcy, and then deported to Auschwitz on June 28th, 1939. Marcel and all of the other children were killed in Auschwitz by April 16th, 1944. Marcel was only 13 years old at the time of his death.


This portrait of Marcel is part of my series "Resonance - Never forget". Each portrait of these children is for me a way of contemplating their lives. While I am saddened by his fate and the cruelty that he was killed, I want to celebrate and honor his life and potential with this portrait.

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