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Mathilde Renate Rothschild-20-01-2023-Meinolf-Otto-ig.jpg

Homage to Mathilde Renate Rothschild 


59 x 46 cm (h x w)

acrylic on paper

Mathilde Renate, born on 06.01.1925. In 1942 she and her two sisters were deported to Auschwitz. Mathilde was only 17 years old when she was murdered in Auschwitz.


The Rothschild-Florsheim family had lived at in Leuven in Belgium. Jacob Ruben Rothschild, a businessman, and his wife Flora Florsheim, fled from Hamburg to Belgium already in 1933 to escape the Nazi regime, along with their children: Mathilde Renate, Hanna, Noemi and Julius. Only 3 of the entire family of 4 adults and 9 kinds survived the Holocaust.

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